Designed with both single-aircraft operators and large fleet operators in mind, Aviation Docs is a must-have app for commercial pilots. 

Aviation Docs is combination of an app and cloud-based system that allows fleet managers and tech pubs departments to distribute and update aircraft manuals, flight plans, forms, checklists, training manuals, ICAO annexes, insurance certificates, medical certificates, MELs, charts, NOTAMS, regulation changes, rescue and firefighting procedures, SMS docs, weather information, dangerous goods procedures… virtually every doc your pilots need, securely, reliably and compliantly, to a single aircraft or thousands.


Airworthiness requires up-to-date documentation.

Never worry again about lapses in airworthiness due to out-of-date documentation aboard your aircraft.  OBDS can help you establish a program to ensure all the documents you need to fly are always up-to-date.

Regardless of whether you are a Part 91, 135 or 121 operation, OBDS can help you go paperless in your operations.

Bombardier Flight Deck users benefit from OBDS document update technology to ensure that Bombardier aircraft pilots are always up-to-date, with the latest TR's and supplements. Read about it here.

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